Shopping Center Puerto Rico

New Puerto Rico Shopping Center Gran Canaria Sign
The famous Puerto Rico Shopping Center

What is Shopping Center Puerto Rico?

The Shopping Center Puerto Rico is a big shopping mall at the bottom of the resort with restaurants, shops, discos, chemists, medical centers and supermarkets all under one roof.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Shopping Center Puerto Rico

In Spanish the phrase Shopping Center translates to Centro Comercial so this center in particular has earned the nickname ‘The Commercial Centre' with many English visitors, although this could mean any of the 9 shopping centers in Puerto Rico, so make sure you tell the taxi driver which one.

Now that we have more Shopping Centers in resort, it's easier for everyone to call it by name as Centro Comercial Puerto Rico or Shopping Center Puerto Rico.

There is a free carpark at the rear of the center, if this is full there is a paid parking building further up. There is a taxi rank at the side of the center and a bus stop. Taxis are frequent and a few euros ride back to most accommodations in the valley.

There are ramps throughout the center for wheelchair, scooter and buggy access, along with a lift that takes you to the top restaurant level.

Where is Shopping Center Puerto Rico?

The famous Shopping Center Puerto Rico can be found in the heart of the resort at the base of the valley. It's central location makes it easy to get to from many accommodation in Puerto Rico resort, either walking or by taxi.

Commerical Center Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
View of Shopping Center Puerto Rico from The Market Puerto Rico

It's a 20 minutes stroll to the beach and on the same road as Mogan Mall Shopping Center and The Market Puerto Rico.

Restaurants and Bars in Shopping Center Puerto Rico

Some of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria are in the Shopping Center, all types of restaurants with different foods from typical Canarian restaurants like Balcon Canario Restaurant, Spanish and International food at San Miguel Restaurant, Chinese buffets, Steak Houses, Italian cuisine and even fast food chains such as McDonalds and Subway.

Puerto Rico Shopping Center Summer 2019

There are also places to grab a coffee and cake like Cafelito or Los Danieles and Coco's Bar which both do local home cooked food.

At night the Shopping Center Puerto Rico is the party central of the nightlife in Puerto Rico, open every night of the year with bars and discos. Joker Disco aka Jokers is open until 06:00am so you can party the night and morning away.

Shops in Shopping Center Puerto Rico

If it's souvenir shopping you want to do then this is your place. There are plenty of shops to buy keyrings, magnets and keepsakes from your holiday in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

A stroll through Puerto Rico Shopping Center

There are clothing shops such as Mango and Charol where you can buy fashion items, shoes and trainers. Bags, belts and beachwear can be found in many of the shops along with novelty Gran Canaria t-shirts. Head to the discount stores if you are looking for bargains, shops like Yick Fung have something for everyone including cheap sunglasses.

Koala Bay is a trendy store with the latest in beach and summer fashion perfect for the Puerto Rico weather. There is a great selection of logo style beach tees and shorts, dresses, swimwear, footwear and accessories.

Treat yourself to some perfume, skincare or jewellery on holiday, there are several shops to choose from. If you are looking for vape juice or kit try Casa del Vape or iSmokeing, two of the vape shops in Shopping Center Puerto Rico.

At the back of the shopping center is a Hardware Store (a few doors away is a Stationery Shop) , so if you for any reason need to do a bit of DIY or need to fix something that's your place. It's conveniently located off the car park, so it's handy if you need to pick up anything heavy.

Shopping Center Services

If for any reason you need to see a Doctor, there are 2 medical centers inside the Shopping Center. There's a chemist (Farmacia) by the taxi rank, look for the green flashing cross.
(Not to be confused with a parafarmacia which by law can only sell natural remedies. If you are looking for that, you can find it in the middle of the center.)

There's an abundance of Hairdressers, Barbers, Nail Salons and Tattoo Shops in Puerto Rico Shopping Center, there really is a great choice.

You can also find banks, ATM machines and currency exchange offices. Amigo Cyber Center next to Balcon Canario Restaurant offer currency exchange and have a cyber cafe.

Place your bets at one of the official betting shops in Puerto Rico or head to the Lottery shop to put the EuroMillions on. Play pool, claw machines and other fun games at one of the arcades. There's nothing like a friendly game of air hockey on holiday to work off that evening meal before you head off for drinks.

Supermarket in Shopping Center Puerto Rico

There are several Supermarkets in the Shopping Center Puerto Rico, some of them open till 23:00, scattered around the center. There are 2 large Hiperdino supermarkets, one in the front entrance to the center and the other in the middle. Here you can find all you need grocery wise for your stay.

There is a smaller supermarket near to the back of the center which is great for quickly picking up some cold cans and other necessities. You can pick up a cheap pair of flip flops or swim shorts from most supermarkets.

Accommodation near Shopping Center Puerto Rico

If you are looking for a hotel near to the Shopping Center Puerto Rico you should take a look at Lufesa Apartments, Florida Apartments , Montecarlo Bungalows or Boston Apartments, which are literally across the road of the Shopping Center.

Only a few minutes walking distance from the Center is the excellent Servatur Terrazamar & Sunsuite.