Tipsy Bee

Trendy cocktail bar and restaurant in Puerto Rico

📍 The Market Puerto Rico
Av. Tomás Roca Bosch 4, Local 3B, 35130, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain
📞 Telephone : +(34) 681 03 17 86
🌐 Website: Tipsy Bee Puerto Rico
Everyday: 12:00 – 02:00
Kitchen: 12:00 – 23:00

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It’s my favourite had lunches and dinners ! ❤️ coconut curry is my favourite.


fabulous been dozens of times ….the ribs😉


Had nachos last week.. 😋😋great cocktails too 👌

Our Tipsy Bee Review

Tipsy Bee is a trendy cocktail bar and restaurant in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.  It’s located on the 2nd floor of The Market Puerto Rico and is very popular for customers who want a modern meal with fancy cocktails.  The large terrace area overlooks Puerto Rico and there is seating either under shade or in the sunshine if you prefer.  Servatur Terrazamar is a nearby hotel to consider which you can see from Tipsy Bee opposite and at the side of Mogan Mall.  This is a great option if you want to be in the center of resort with plenty going on nearby.

Tipsy Bee Location The Market Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

We have been looking forward to visiting Tipsy Bee for a long time.  Finally we got a free Sunday in December to try it out and we had a great experience.  At the time the staff were decorating for the Christmas holidays with The Grinch ornaments which we thought was fun.  That didn’t stop us from being served, as we were greeted with lemon water as a palette cleanser, the food and drinks menus and a buzzer to press when we wanted our server to come over.  This was a really nice touch as it allowed the staff to also bring orders out to other customers and continue in a flow.

Tipsy Bee food Nachos Rice Bowl
Tipsy Bee food – Rice Bowl, Tipsy Chips and Nachos

A large group of people arrived while we were there, the staff put 3 tables together for them and accommodated them easily.  Note that it might be worth to make a reservation during busy times and the restaurant did fill up quickly during our time there.

At first the menu might seem overwhelming as there are two just for drinks, but as we’d already had a look at the Tipsy Bee menu online and our readers had told us to try the Popcorn Mojito, we more or less knew what to order.  If you have any food allergies or requirements you can ask the staff.

The Fish and Chips must be a popular dish and they had ran out on this day,  so we couldn’t try it this time, but we throughly enjoyed our other choices.  We ordered the Rice Bowl which is a mix and match style topped with veggies and loads of broccoli.  You choose your rice, your protein and sauce.  We went with the Carrot & Egg Fried Rice, Tofu & Mushroom, Chinese Stir Fry sauce.  It was DELICIOUS!  The amount of sauce was perfect and the tofu was done just right.  I love cucumber, so was pleased to see so many on the rice bowl and all of them crispy.

Tipsy Bee Menu Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Tipsy Bee Menu

The Nachos with Bacon went down very well, they come with Cheddar, Jalapeños, Tomato Salsa and Pickled Onions.  The Homemade Chips with Tipsy Sauce were not what we expected.  We were thinking fries, but we got giant fluffy wedges which were so tasty and went well with the rest of our order which we shared between two.

If you love cocktails then definitely give Tipsy Bee a try.  We loved that there were so many options and you can get alcohol free cocktails too.  The Popcorn Mojito was served in a mason jar and had the cutest bee charm on the glass.  There were a few popcorn kernels on the top and it was so tasty.  If gin is more your thing try one of their hilariously named infused gin cocktails or one of Tipsy’s specially curated drinks.

Tipsy Bee Cocktail Popcorn Mojito
Tipsy Bee Cocktail Popcorn Mojito

This is a place to spend a good afternoon or evening on the terraza in good company, relaxing and enjoying quality time.  There’s live entertainment on each night around 20:30 with something for everyone, including DJ nights, live saxophone and contemporary singers.  During our Sunday afternoon visit there was chill out music playing which made for a really nice atmosphere.

There is an elevator from the main street for accessibility along with toilets including larger cubicle disabled toilets in The Market shopping center itself.  There is space at the tables for wheelchairs or disability scooters for guests that use them.

Tipsy Bee prices Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Tipsy Bee prices

Our bill came to 37,50€ which we thought was great for the quality of service, food, drinks and atmosphere.  We’ll certainly be back to try some more dishes and cocktails!

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