Subway Puerto Rico is closed.
We have no information on if or when it will reopen and it is listed as closed on the official Subway Spain website.

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Maggie P

Ooh yes 😍 only time I have subway when on holiday

Peter L

Just need a Costa coffee now 😂

Tonya S

Love Subway

Subway sandwich shop in the Shopping Center Puerto Rico can be found at left hand side of the entrance on the first floor above Cafelito.  You can use the stairs or the big ramp for accessibility should the lift be out of order.

The Sandwich Artist builds your personalised sandwich, prepared in front of you from the delicious ingredients at the counter. Sandwiches can be hot or cold and all the popular Subway fillings are available including tuna, chicken teriyaki and cheese salad.  There are jalapeños (pretty hot) and Chipotle sauce if you feel like something spicy.

Subway Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Takeaway
Tuna salad sub with jalapeños and feta cheese

We think Subway is perfect for hot days when you feel like a light meal, need something to take to the beach or chill out on your balcony.  They have a fridge with ice cold drinks and a selection of crisps.  The small seating area has a good view down into the square of the Puerto Rico Shopping Center or you can take your order to go!

There are also freshly baked cookies every day so make sure you have room for dessert.  We love the double chocolate chip!