Passarella Shopping Center

Passarella Shopping Center Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Passarella Shopping Center

Where is Passarella Shopping Center?

Passarella Shopping Center is located at Puerto Escala, one of Puerto Rico's two harbours, by Puerto Rico beach. Passarella has great views over the harbour and beach from the top floor of the center, so if you are looking for somewhere with a view as you enjoy a meal or drinks, this is the place.

Its central location means it's easy to get to from most of the resort, with mainly a flat walk from Puerto Rico Shopping Center at the bottom of the valley and Marina Suites which is in the other harbour Puerto Base. Punta del Rey hotel is located directly above this center and can be accessed by stairs and a bridge or taxis are available for a few euros if needed.

Restaurants and Bars in Passarella Shopping Center

  • Terraza Atlantis Food and Cocktail Lounge
  • Vivaldi Restaurante Italiano
  • Restaurante Grill J&J
  • Pizzicato
  • Waikiki Restaurant and Bar
  • Arizona Restaurante
  • Charlie'z and Friends
  • El Toro Canario
  • Rhodos Palace (the only Greek Restaurant in Puerto Rico!)
  • Harbour Lights

Passarella Shops

Supermarket, souvenirs, beach items.

Things to do near Passarella Center

You can use Passarella as a starting point for the Puerto Rico to Amadores beach walk along the promenade which we highly recommend. Look out for lizards and find the Puerto Rico sign for an amazing view point or watch the sunset from the Stone Steps.

The beach and harbour are right in front of the center so spending the day on the sand or taking a boat trip are possibilities along with some lunch or drinks in one of the bars and restaurants. Along the beach you will find Chester Beach Club a trendy chill out pool.