COVID Testing Info Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Are you looking for COVID testing info for Puerto Rico Gran Canaria? Many readers have asked so we have compiled a guide on the various testing centers and clinics in resort and where to test for COVID in Gran Canaria.

We understand that visitors to resort come from all over the world so please check the requirements for your home country when flying to and from The Canary Islands. We will provide the info of where to obtain the different COVID-19 tests, fit to fly certificate and prices. Some testing centers may cost more than others depending on the speed of the results, type of test and convenience.

Please note that Antigeno or Antigen tests are also known in some countries as LFT or Lateral Flow Tests.

Mogan Mall COVID Testing Center

In the center of Puerto Rico at Mogan Mall we have the Travel COVID-19 Testing Center. This is bang smack in the middle of resort and very convenient next door to the supermarket. There are different tests available depending on what you need whether you are flying back home (wherever that may be) or live on the island. Here you also have a choice between a nasal swab Antigen (35€) or saliva Antigen (40€) which could be a good option for younger family members or those with nasal sensitivities. The same applies to the PCR (100€), which for 20€ more you can have the sputum or saliva version.

Mogan Mall Puerto Rico COVID Testing Center
Mogan Mall Puerto Rico COVID Testing Center

To book an appointment you can scan the QR code on the photo below with your phone, go to the center at Mogan Mall or use this booking link: Make sure to select your language first and then you can pick the type of test and select Mogan Mall as the testing center (as they also have clinics in Tenerife) after putting in your details you will be given an appointment.

You can also call on +34 633 20 19 20. Open everyday from 10:00 to 22:00

Address: Mogan Mall Shopping Center, Avendia Tomás Roca Bosch, 9, 35130 Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico Medical Center Europa Center

If you are staying at the top of the valley in hotels such as Altamar, Eden, Altamadores or near Amadores beach then your nearest COVID-19 testing center is Puerto Rico Medical Center on the same road as Europa Center. You can't miss this bright red medical center next door to the pharmacy. They offer Antigen tests at 30€ and PCR tests at 105€ with results and travel certificates. The Medical Center performs the test, and results are ready in 10-15 minutes with the certificate to fly.

Gran Canaria Antigen PCR tests Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Medical Center PCR and Antigen Tests

To book an appointment you can Whatsapp or call +34 676 06 90 90. Open everyday from 09:00 to 22:00

Address: Avenida de la Cornisa 24, 35130, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Cheapest Antigen Tests

Antigen tests are also available to buy cheaply at pharmacies (around  2,94€ per test some chemists are selling them in boxes of 5) but obviously these do not come with certificates so you won't be able to use these for travel. They are however a good option if you live on the island and want to do a quick test to rule out COVID-19 before or after mixing with others. Please be aware of the latest island restrictions and measures.

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