Puerto Rico Shopping Center Refurb 2020

Puerto Rico Shopping Center was already undergoing a refurb on certain sections of the center before Gran Canaria went into COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. Some bars, restaurants and shops have now been able to open, see below for latest update.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico August 2020
Balcón Canario Restaurant and the new Shopping Center signage | August 2020

Due to the closure of almost everything in the past few months and zero tourism, the center was empty and construction work was able to take place on the different shopping center phases.

What's open in the commercial center?

If you know of any other places open that we've missed out, let us know. Updated 4th August

Bars and Restaurants

  • Balcón Canario Restaurant
  • Da Pinnochio Restaurant
  • Dehli Darbar Indian Restaurant
  • Coco's Bar and Restaurant
  • Los Danieles Bar and Restaurant
  • London Doner Kebab
  • Rico Rico Kebab
  • VIP Pizza Puerto Rico
  • The Pub
  • Sun Spot

Shops and Services

  • Chemist (by the taxi rank)
  • Hiperdino Supermarket (by the taxi rank)
  • Amigo Cyber Center (currency exchange/internet cafe)
  • Adán y Eva Barbers and Hair Salon
  • The Beauty Bank Hair Salon
  • Santander Bank
  • Frutería Primavera

12th November 2020

It's been a while since our last update on the big refurb at Puerto Rico Shopping Center. Yesterday we took a walk around the back of the center and were pleased to see the new branding and signage has gone up and it's starting to look a bit more like the plans.

Back of the Shopping Center Puerto Rico Logo

Opposite McDonalds and on the main entrance are also starting to take shape. The grey facade is looking a lot smarter than the old red colour.

Shopping Center Front November 2020

There's a new Italian restaurant opening by Coco's Bar called La Cucina de Toton.

La cucina di tonton new restaurant

4th August 2020

While it might look like not much has changed from the outside, there has been quite a lot of work done on the Shopping Center since our last update in June.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico August 2020 | Pico de Oro Restaurant Sabidan
The current state of the Shopping Center, outside Pico de Oro (Sabidans) 1st August 2020

More bars, restaurants, shops and services have been able to open, particularly those with street access not near the main construction zone. We're working on the list above, so keep an eye on that.

At the front of the Shopping Center, there's something very interesting. We're wondering if they could be installing a fountain in front of Pico de Oro Restaurant (formerly Sabidan)? Maybe inspired by the huge fountain at Mogan Mall? We aren't sure, so if we have any plumbers or pool fitters reading, do let us know. What do you think?

Shopping Center Puerto Rico Refurbishment August 2020
Puerto Rico Shopping Center | Outside Pico de Oro (Sabidan) | Is this a fountain?

Trixie Lyx Drag Show Comedy Bar has actually come along, they have new tiled floors, fresh paint and it's looking a lot better than our last update.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico Refurbishment Trixie Lyx Drag Show Comedy Bar August 2020
Trixie Lyx Drag Show Comedy Bar | August 2020

1st June 2020

Many concerned readers have been asking us daily about the Puerto Rico Shopping Center refurb and if it has been knocked down.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico Refurb June 2020
Shopping Center Puerto Rico Refurb | 1st June 2020

The commercial center hasn't been completely demolished but good parts of it have been knocked down back to plan. Dicey Reilly's and The Royal Oak have had their aluminium extensions removed. This is a big difference!

Dicey Reillys Irish Bar Puerto Rico Refurb June 2020
Dicey Reillys Irish Bar Puerto Rico Refurb | 1st June 2020

Despite all this, several businesses with street access in the center have been able to open in the recent de-escalation plan including Balcon Canario, Amigo CyberCenter money exchange and a few bars off the main street.

Tiffanys Bar Puerto Rico Refurb June 2020
Dicey Reilly's, Tiffanys Bar, Taste of India, The Royal Oak and The London Kebab during refurb | 1st June 2020

We will update as and when we can but it's going to look very different when complete. At the moment we don't have any official date for the completion of the refurb.

Once it's done, people will have to stop calling it the ‘old center' eh? 😉

Nearby Shopping Centers; The Market Puerto Rico and Mogan Mall are currently open with strict hygiene and safety measures in place.