Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico Beach

Sun and fun….at Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico literally means “the port of the rich” and its’ main beach definitely lives up to the name. The main beach area in Puerto Rico offers a lot of sun and fun for everyone – couples, families and singles – who are out for a good time. Conveniently located near the marina and close by to the main Commercial Center, it provides lots to do at the hottest spot in Gran Canaria – literally.Whether you’re a sun worshipper, swimmer or explorer – you won’t be let down at Puerto Rico Beach.

Grab a sunbed and work on that tan

The main beach in Puerto Rico is where it’s at. By rights, Puerto Rico is a rocky coastline so the beach is manmade. An interesting fact is that the golden sand was shipped direct from the Sahara desert. So you can feel like you’re on a bit of an African adventure while lounging at the beach.
This beach is a safe and sheltered option for sunbathing as it has a crescent shaped bay which is nicely framed by jetties at both sides and protected by the harbor walls – making the waves a lot easier to handle. Not good for the surfers but definitely good for the sun worshipers.
Sun beds are aplenty and can be found mainly lined up against one of the jetties. All you have to do is grab a bed that tickles your fancy and an attendant will be over to collect the rental fee. Then it’s all yours for your day of beach fun. In the peak seasons, it’s a good idea to get there early to avoid disappointment. If you miss out, there is always the option to just grab your towel and relax on the beach that way too.
Go for a dip
With the sea being so gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to get in that water? Since the water is protected by the harbor walls, the waves are minimal making it a very safe swimming.
Alternative for children.

Not only is the ocean right at your feet but there are also two public swimming pools right next to the beach. For a small entrance fee, you can take a dip in the pool and skip the salt water. Plus you get the bonus of some beautiful scenery – whether it’s the golden sandy beach itself, the lush gardens offering tropical plants and flowers or the mountainous terrain that surrounds Puerto Rico. It’s a holiday oasis right at your fingertips.

Puerto Rico Beach Video

Puerto Rico beach in March

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Harbours

Puerto Rico beach is a stone’s throw from both marinas, Puerto Base and Puerto Escala, offering visitors a wealth of options if you want some water fun. There are options ranging from water sport activities, sailing and boating excursions.
Boating excursions are fun for the whole family and you are totally spoiled for choice. You can go dolphin watching, take a glass bottom boat ride or party on a yacht for some seaside fun. Getting out on the water can really add that extra element to make you realize that you’re on holiday. Plus hopping on a jet ski or seeing some dolphins that you can’t do at home will make for some great memories for years to come.
While in Puerto Rico, make sure to visit the main beach to take a dip, lounge on the golden Saharan sand or take a water excursion like no other. Enjoy!

Accommodation near Puerto Rico Beach

Looking for accommodation near Puerto Rico Beach? In front of the beach is the XQ Vistamar Apartments and El Greco Apartments, and Adults Only Hotel Punta del Rey which is just 100 meters away from Puerto Rico Beach.

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