11th March 2017

What a hot week! Many people have been asking us if these temperatures of 32ºC are normal for March. It’s because of a ‘calima‘, hot wind and sand which lifted up from the Sahara desert causing high temps and humidity on Gran Canaria. A normal temperature for this month is about 26ºC degrees.

Today’s photo is the path leading down to Amadores beach. If you are looking for hotels in this area, click here.

Amadores Beach Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

This means the UV index is higher and it’s important to use sun protection. Also a great excuse to bathe in the Atlantic Ocean all day long 🙂

6th March 2017

It feels like we went from Winter to Summer in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria today! This morning started off with a blue sky and wispy clouds, but the afternoon quickly turned cloudy.

We do have a heatwave on the way this week, with temperatures of 30ºC degrees expected. The UV index is set to rise too, so make sure you wear the right sunscreen and take shade when you can. Of course stay hydrated too 😉

Today’s photo was taken outside Servatur Terrazamar Sunsuites.

Servatur Terrazamar Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

25th March 2016

Is it too soon to say Summer is here? Maybe, but the temperatures in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria are currently around 28ºC degrees in the full sun. There is a cool breeze but it’s very welcome. It’s perfect tanning weather if you ask us.

Today’s photos come from the hill by the RIU Vistamar Hotel which overlooks Amadores Beach. The main entrance for RIU Vistamar has a security guard stationed at the top of the hill, which adds to the private feel of the accommodation.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March RIU Vistamar

The beautiful view from the hill, overlooking Amadores Beach. There is a lookout point further down with a coin operated telescope, but the best view is from a little further up. It’s pretty busy at the moment with it being Easter Week, so be prepared to wait for parking spaces if you have a rent a car.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Amadores Beach

The hill on the way out of the RIU Vistamar is good for working off those extra holiday calories. 😉
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

9th March 2016

What a gorgeous March afternoon! The sun is shining the sky is a beautiful blue hue and the beaches are full of happy sun seekers. The temperatures are about 25ºC degrees but could be a lot more intense if you find a sun trap. There is a lovely breeze and the forecast for the rest of the week looks great too!

We went to Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico for a stroll and to get some afternoon sunshine. We parked up in the car park at the back of Amadores Beach Club and headed for that lovely green ocean.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Amadores Beach

Ocean Fun Park also known as ‘the green inflatable’ in the water is great. It is a floating obstacle park with a trampoline, climbing walls and tunnels. We’ve seen kids and big kids on this, so mark this one on your list of things to do if it looks like your idea of fun.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Ocean Fun Park on Amadores Beach

This corner of the beach is popular with residents and families. Perfect for taking the inflatables in the water or trying out some snorkelling.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Amadores Beach

27th March 2015

After a few strange weather days with clouds and sunshine, spring has sprung and Puerto Rico Gran Canaria weather is back on track. As you can see from today’s photos below, we have gorgeous blue skies perfect for setting up around the pool to enjoy those sun rays and top up your tan.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Shopping Center

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

Check for special offers to Puerto Rico Gran Canaria this summer.

31st March 2014

The clouds from yesterday are still around, one minute its sunbathing weather, the next minute it’s ‘cold’.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

30th March 2014

The daytime looked promising from Puerto Plata Apartments around 10am, but it turned cloudy later on in the day.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

26th March 2014

Probably one of the hottest days of the year so far with temperatures near to 30ºC – we thought the summer was here!
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

25th March 2014

A different view of Puerto Rico Bay from Agua de la Perra area.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

24th March 2014

A very hot day on Amadores Beach, this photograph currently has over 807 likes in our Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Facebook Page.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

20th March 2014

The fantastic Gloria Palace Royal swimming pool, looking very inviting, with views of Amadores Beach.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Gloria Palace Royal

17th March 2014

A very warm St.Patricks Day in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Shopping Center.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March St Patrick's Day

7th March 2014

Amadores Beach again around midday today, Friday afternoon in paradise. A great start to the weekend.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Amadores Beach

5th March 2014

Taken in the morning from outside Puerto Rico Shopping Center, this photo shows the wispy skies that are normal of a March morning in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria before midday.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

3rd March 2014

We took this photo of Amadores Beach early in the morning around 10am and as you can see, it was the start of a very warm day in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March Amadores Beach

18th March 2012

It’s nearing the end of March and already the beaches are filling up as temperatures rise. Today it was around 32º degrees in Puerto Rico, still with a haze across the sky, although much bluer than the last week.

Both Europa and Puerto Rico Shopping centers were quiet today as the beaches were full of people and there were plenty of swimmers too!

Excellent beach weather, but don’t forget to hydrate and take shade!

The photo of the day is taken from the Agua de la Perra area of Puerto Rico, with sea views.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather Agua de la Perra

30th March 2011

As we come to the end of March, the weather has been ‘cracking the flags’. Last week we experienced a calima and since then it seems like the temperature has gone up a notch.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather Amadores Beach

We snapped this photo with the iPhone this afternoon on Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico, temperatures have been around 30ºC degrees and certainly beach weather.

24th March 2011

Good afternoon from a hot Puerto Rico! As you can see from our pic that we snapped from outside Altamadores Aparthotel, the horizon is still that little bit hazy from the calima. The temperatures must be around 28/29ºC degrees today.

It’s an excellent day for the beach, a dip in the sea and maybe a game of bat and ball. Enjoy! 🙂

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

14th March 2011

Yesterday Gran Canaria had the coldest day in 40 years, with negative degrees in the mountain areas and just 13ºC degrees in Puerto Rico last night.

We snapped this quick photograph of the temperature clock by Puerto Rico beach at around 10.30pm last night, just before a rain shower.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Temperature March

13th March 2011

Around midday today we snapped this pic with our iPhone, overlooking Las Villas de Amadores, Altamadores aparthotel and Serenity in Puerto Rico. We had some rain previously but the sky had cleared a little – almost like the calm before the storm.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Weather March

The second photo was taken at 17:40 today from near Eden Apartments, as you can see a much stormier sky, with black clouds.

31st March 2009

The current temperature is 21.6ºC degrees although it’s been cooler than usual today due to the clouds.

The sun has been trying it’s best all day to come out but only now is it peeking through.

29th March 2009

This morning was very sunny in the south, on the way up to Vecindario it started to get ‘very’ cloudy and then it chucked it down! Absolutely battered it down. It rained on and off all the way up to Las Palmas. The temperature up there was a fresh 19ºc degrees!

On arriving back down in the south this afternoon, the temperatures were a bit warmer with sun poking through a cloudy sky. It didn’t stop the Sunday beach-goers as the weather is still warm compared to other places.

The current temperature in Arguineguin around 21ºc degrees at 11pm.

27th March 2009

Earlier on today, about 10am the sky was thick with cloud and then the rain just came from nowhere and it gushed it down.

Even with the windscreen wipers on super fast, it was hard to see where we were going, but it seemed to ease off as we headed inland from El Pajar.

There were plenty of stranded cyclists, although I haven’t seen anything thunder or lightening, the skies are now blue but dark in the mountains.

26th March 2009

Yesterday it rained in El Tablero but just went cloudy later on in the day in Arguineguin.

Today I expected lots of rain but was greeted by 30ºc degrees perfect for my beach walk in Las Meloneras. You could see the clouds over by the mountains and it didn’t look so clear.

There is currently a storm in Tenerife and the left hand side of the islands, which is going to move over to Gran Canaria and the right hand side tomorrow. At the moment the sun is still out but we have had an alert for this so looks like it will batter it down. Finish off that last bit of washing and batten down the hatches

Today 26th March 2009 – affecting La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife.

Tomorrow 27th March 2009 – affecting the above aswell as La Gomera and Gran Canaria.


We will keep you updated as usual with your no nonsense weather report from Puerto Rico.

Despite warnings, nothing yet in the south of the island although the temperature has dropped a bit and the sky was really clouded over before it went dark.

25th March 2009

So, if you have read my report in the previous post you will know what the weather did, almost textbook Canary Island weather is what we have had over the weekend and this morning. I was up bright and early for a beach walk and Summer is definitely making an appearance (we don’t have Spring in the south really, just summer and winter lol)

Around midday clouds made a peek around the mountains but the sun stayed, only now around 4-5pm have the clouds taken over and the sun has gone in for the day by the looks of it. Current temperature in Arguineguin is 23ºc degrees.

So the question is will it rain tomorrow? I have decided I want to go to the beach and normally when I want to go to the beach it rains, let’s see.

20th March 2009

Once again the weather is very nice and warm today down in Arguineguin. Up in Sonneland and Playa del Ingles it was a different story as it had rained hard! The clouds still lingered but eventually cleared into a sunny day. Temperatures were in the high 20’s.

Forecast for the week:
Looks like the wind could get up over the weekend with the cloud making another appearance on Sunday (don’t forget Mothers Day) Scorchio scorchio scorchio until around Thursday when we may see some more rain.

19th March 2009

It’s nice and sunny today with a few cloudy intervals and quite hot when the sun was at its highest! We still have a chance of more rain in the next week as well as a few cloudy days.

Temps were around 27ºc degrees today!

18th March 2009

Last night we had quite a few rain showers and during the night or very early this morning it sounded like it was bucketing it down.

There was a bit of sun earlier on today but now the skies look grey again and looks like we could be in for some more rain!

17th March 2009

This morning’s temperatures in Arguineguin were around 28ºc degrees, but now with a cooler breeze and the calima seems to have gone. I ventured to the market and it felt boiling!

This afternoon has clouded over somewhat and just now at 3pm it started to rain for 5 mins and then the sun came out again. It looks like it could go again though, the air smells lovely like thunderstorms.

16th March 2009

It seems a bit better than yesterday and cooler, around 26ºc degrees at the moment, but the wind makes it feel stifling sometimes.
Those clouds are due in the south this afternoon.

Good news guys looks like we have rain on the way tomorrow! Now some people may be reading this and thinking what is she on?

Yes we do want rain! A calima although hot is bad news, it’s not “nice and sunny”. If we have a bit of rain like is forecast, then the air will clear and we will get those nice blue skies back, still warm but bearable.

Wow! I had to post again! The sun just went in and the difference in the temperature was mad, it’s dropping now hurray and the sky has gone from hazy blue to cloudy. (see above posts heheh – told you so)
So maybe it will rain tomorrow, just be aware that if it does rain it will be a dirty rain with sand in it.

15th March 2009

Today was baking hot once again with temperatures around 34ºc degrees! The calima still hasn’t shifted and according to canarias7 is going to be sticking around until at least tomorrow.

The beaches were more than packed for a Sunday today but personally I felt it impossible to be outside in the hairdryers. I’ve been sneezing for a almost a week because of this dust and sand.

I heard that tomorrow (Monday 16th) is going to be very cloudy down here in the south and south east coast, so let’s hope this calima disappears so we can all breathe again, I felt really sorry for anyone who had to work outside in this today.

More reports tomorrow current temp at 1am is 23.3ºc degrees!

14th March 2009

Yesterday seemed a little better as the calima started to fade, but today the wind is once again blowy and the air is still dusty, the sky is hazy grey.

Local newspaper canarias7 warned yesterday that it will probably be lingering all weekend. Keep young children out of it and to keep doors and windows closed. I just heard my roof furniture going wild so once again just keep and eye on any flying outdoor stuff, plant pots on balconies and so on.

According to the webcams the temperature is 22.1ºc degrees but it feels much warmer so I will be able to tell you better once I have been out.

It really isn’t sunbathing weather so take care, keep hydrated and stay out of the dust.

12th March 2009

Last night I could hear the wind whistling round all night. It feels like someone left a hairdryer on as the wind is very warm.

Out and about today I noticed the temperature clocks reading around 30-32ºc degrees!!! The sky is still hazy and grey though! Be careful in this weather as you can still catch the sun through the clouds, drink plenty of water too as it’s very easy to dehydrate in these temps.

The air seems to have cooled down a little now, I’m hoping the wind doesn’t pick up like it did last night again as I have washing on the line on my roof that I need for tomorrow. I can just imagine finding my smalls in the street on the way out tomorrow.

I had a really restless sleep last night because of the noisy wind, normally I’m out like a light but I even had a nightmare that my plant fell off the balcony so I had to get up to check it. (it was still there)

The current temperatures in Arguineguin about 22ºc degrees, slowly dropping.

11th March 2009

Yes, we definitely a calima. The air is full of dust I can taste it, can’t stop sneezing and got a scratchy throat. The sun has tried it’s best to come out but the visibility is very bad and there is no division between the sky and the sea, it looks the same colour.

Grey sky of one big cloud, and looks like we could have some dusty rain. People with respiratory problems should take care and sometimes this weather is accompanied by big gusts of wind so although now is quite still, keep and eye on garden furniture and things that could blow over.

Last night was about 6ºc degrees warmer than usual and my trusty winter jacket was not needed for the first time all winter at night.

Current temperature in Arguineguin is 24.1ºc degrees and very humid.

10th March 2009

Just sitting in my office now heard a big gust of wind whistle through. It has been really hot today compared to previous days with around 28ºc degrees!

According to the webcams it is still 27.8ºc degrees now at around 7pm!

I’d take a wild guess and say there is a calima lingering.

9th March 2009

Well it did rain on Saturday, but it didn’t stop the fun of the carnival. Sunday was a scorcher with clouds in the mountains and rain in the morning.

Today we had a lot of cloud and it rained around 3pm this afternoon, then it brightened up.

The current temperature at 11pm around is around 20ºc degrees.

6th March 2009

The current temperature 20.9ºc degrees in Arguineguin and it looks like rain! There is a large cloud over the Canary Islands at the moment and we have high chance of rain, grey sky and cool temps.
I love it like this because I will be the first to moan when it goes into 40ºc degrees+ in the summer.

Great day to go sightseeing, souvenir shopping or chilling out. I just hope it doesn’t chuck it down when I am at the Carnival Parade tomorrow night!

4th March 2009

The night times in the mountain peaks (cumbres) of Gran Canaria have been quite cold lately with temperatures of -2 degrees!!

A great frost has fallen and has left conditions quite dangerous, so it is better to avoid Pozo de Las Nieves and el Pico de Las Nieves zones.

AEMET declares the yellow alert in the Canary Islands for coastal phenomena that will affect the north of the islands until 00:00 on Thursday 5th March 2009.

The prediction of AEMET indicates that until then there will be waves in the north of 3 to 4 meters, that will affect the North coasts of all the archipelago, not including the coast of Fuerteventura.

There is a possibility that waves will reach 4 to 5 meters in Lanzarote at the very end of morning and the first hours of Thursday.

3rd March 2009

Today we have had a strong wind in Arguineguin with cloudy intervals. At around 3pm this afternoon it was spitting although there were no clouds directly above, the wind was blowing it over. Now it is looking quite cloudy with the current temperature of 20ºC degrees.

2nd March 2009

Well the clouds stuck around and it rained for a bit about 5 minutes ago, but looks like it could “lash it down”! Bring your washing in just incase!!

… and lash it down it did! At about 3.30pm this afternoon the heavens opened even walking to the car I got drenched.!!!

Be careful as tiled floors can be extra dangerous in this weather.

Here in Arguineguin the rain has stopped for now but looks like it could start up again.

1st March 2009

The weather in Telde yesterday was strange. It started raining quite hard at Playa del Ingles on the way up there and then on and off up the coast. There have been some big clouds lurking near the mountains in El Tablero so I was wondering if they would make and appearance in Puerto Rico and they did.

Today we went up to San Agustin to sunbathe but in no time the big dark clouds came over so carried on driving south back this way and the clouds were catching up with us.

In Puerto Rico it was still sunny although you could see the sky turning cloudy, but not cold.

The current temperature in Arguineguin is around 20ºC degrees. The outlook for the next few days is rain rain rain, but they got it wrong last time so maybe it will blow past again, although as you can see it did get to Playa del Ingles yesterday afternoon.
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